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Triple Oak

Welcome to Triple Oak Vineyard, located in the charming town of Oakland, Oregon. Our vineyard is situated on a beautiful southeast facing slope and is tended by our dedicated owners, Betty Tamm and her husband, Geoff Faraghan.

Triple Oak Vineyard was planted in 2000 by Betty and her late husband, Paul. Paul was a perfectionist and his attention to detail translated into a reputation for producing high-quality grapes. After his passing in 2013, Betty took over the management of the vineyard and continues to maintain the excellence of the product. Our wines have received numerous accolades, including gold and platinum medals at the Greatest of the Grape, Savor Northwest, Oregon Wine Experience and the Women's International Wine Competition in Sonoma CA.

As a micro producer of fine wines, we specialize in Pinot Noir and Tempranillo, which has become our signature wine. We also offer white wines such as Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer, as well as limited quantities of red blends, white blends, and Rose'. Our wine club members receive priority access to our limited edition wines and enjoy discounts off normal retail pricing, special event invitations, and free tastings.


Our business name, Triple Oak, is a nod to the fact that Betty lives on Oak Street, in the town of Oakland, and her last name, "Tamm," means oak in Estonian. Our labels feature denizens of oak woodlands, paying homage to the oak woodland surrounding our vineyard.

We invite you to visit our Triple Oak Wine Vault, located in the historic old bank building at 137 Locust St, in downtown Oakland. Our wines are available for tasting and purchase, and we also showcase wines from several other local Umpqua Valley wineries. We can also accommodate private parties and catered events by appointment.


Geoff Faraghan

Betty Tamm


Natures Winemakers

Bees, nature's unsung winemakers, elegantly display their mutualistic symbiosis as they flit from clover to clover, pollinating and inadvertently crafting ambrosial delights as the bees help the clover to enhance and add nitrogen to the soil. These industrious insects perform a pivotal role in the creation of terroir, fostering the growth of succulent fruits, the very essence of wines. As they hum through sun-drenched vineyards, they unwittingly contribute to the character and complexity of grape varietals, shaping terroir through their diligent work.  The humble bee, an artist in its own right, demonstrates the exquisite balance of nature and the importance of interconnectedness, reminding us that even the most delightful indulgences are often rooted in the simplest acts of harmony.

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